If you treat your earrings with care, being gentle and kind to them, they should last you a lifetime. That being said we understand that Accidents happen. The acetate material is very rigid and should hold up to everyday life, however the finish is delicate. Throwing them in your purse to flirt with loose coins, and apple headphones will likely cause them to scratch.
In the case that any components are lost or broken please reach out to and we can help you sort it out!
In the case that you lose your earring posts pads, emails us and with your order reference number, and we will send you a new set. Shipping cost + a $5 service charge will apply.
In the case that the earring post has come loose OR fallen please send aN email to , we will cover shipping so you can send our team the earrings and we will cover shipping and replace the pair free of charge once received. Lead times for a replacement of any kind vary depending on material available in stock. This could be anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks.